Civil Works Services

Viking Renewable has all of the necessary machine power, equipment, and manpower to clean and prepare the land for the actual construction works:

  • Terrain leveling – Field survey (topographical surveys, ecology, land/soil grade, etc.)
  • Site preparation – cleaning of the land, preliminary earthworks, and leveling
  • Accesses and Internal Roads & Pathways
  • Excavation for internal roads
  • Supply and installation of Woven geotextile
  • Supply and installation of aggregates as per design
  • Cable trenches, routing design, and construction (AC and DC)
  • Drainage facility
  • Compound fencing
  • Supply and installation of deer fence
  • Supply and installation of wooden posts
  • Supply and installation of vehicular gate
  • All materials as per customer requirements
  • Array cleaning
  • Foundations for Inverters
  • Control Room / Office Building / Security Room
  • Roads / Access tracks, internal tracks
  • Earthwork / Drainage
  • Foundations works
  • Buildings works
  • DC and HV trenching
  • Inverter station unloading
  • Fencing and gates
site preparation
cable trenches