Vinarsko – 2 MW – Bulgaria

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    Dec 2011- May 2012

  • Category

    Solar EPC

Works done by Viking Renewable UK Ltd. as GENERAL CONTRACTOR:


Project management and site management
Site management
Security on-site 24 h
Temporary storage area
Reception and Unloading of all the materials
Civil works:
Execution of buildings foundation
Execution of Custumer Switching room, control and CCTV Building and meteorological station foundations
Trenches and conduits (supply and installation)
Fencing (supply and installation)
Mechanical works:
Topographical works
Ramming of the piles
Structure Mounting System
Mounting of the PV panels
Electrical works:
Installation of AC cabling between inverters and transformers.
Installation of DC cabling between inverters and string combiner boxes.
Installation of DC cabling between string combiner boxes and panels.
Plugging of all panels together.
Installation of auxiliary supply between the distribution board and inverter.
Fitting of fuses (left forward) in each string combiner box.
Installation of data cabling between the Aurora logger, inverters and string combiner boxes.
Installation of 1 off earth rod and earth lead to each string combiner box.
Connection of each substation earth mat linking the inverters and transformers together.
Carry out final glanding / termination of all installed cabling.
Testing and commissioning
As-built documents