Sustainability Pavilion, Expo 2020 – Dubai, UAE

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Expo 2020 Sustainability Pavilion

The Sustainability Pavilion is one of the three thematic pavilions, built to be the signature structures for the word EXPO to be held in Dubai by 2021.

The pavilion’s roof, also called the pavilion canopy was fabricated with BIPV panels to ensure that the structure has a net zero emission.

The canopy has 18 Nos. Energy trees are built along its periphery to supplement the energy produced from the canopy. The Tree heads were designed to move along the trail of the sun, to improve the energy-harnessing capacity of the tree.

The system is the biggest BIPV installation in the world, sizing to an aggregated installed capacity of 2.1 MWp.


Technical Data:

  • Total installed capacity: 2.1 MWp
  • Specific yield: 1684 KWh/KWp/year
  • Performance ratio: 82.59 %
  • Total Grid feed-in for the first year: 4.1 GWh/year



  1. Preparation of Detailed Solar & Structural Design for the System.
  2. Coordinate closely with concerned authorities to get project approvals:
  3. Equipment supply and installation
  4. Comply with all the applicable HSE requirements
  5. AC and DC work
  6. Testing and commissioning of the system
  7. Provide the As-built drawings.
  8. Project Management for the entire PV system.
  9. Project handover