Bakers’ Farm – 12 MW – UK

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    January – March 2015

  • Category

    Solar EPC

Bakers’ Farm

The solar farm, constructed by Viking Renewable UK Ltd, is located to Baker’s Farm. It has the capacity to generate up to 12 MW of clean energy, enough to power around 3,686 average UK households. It would save around 7200 tons of CO2 emissions per year.
Works done by Viking Renewable UK Ltd. as CONTRACTOR:
Civil works
Topographical works
Temporary storage area
Delivery of materials, supplies
Access road
Inverter foundations
Trenches and conduits
Road paths
Electrical works
Installation of DC cabling between inverters and string combiner boxes
Installation of DC cabling between string combiner boxes and panels
Installation of AC cabling between inverters and transformers
Inverters connections
Testing and commissioning
As-built layouts
Delivery system