One Stop Service – supply the steel structure and the service to fit it with the solar panels, all comlete ready for the electrical work.

Increasing consumption of electricity and the need to reduce CO2 emissions are two of the main reasons for the strong growth in renewable energy technologies. Ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets in the EU and other regions are reinforcing this trend.

One of the most environmentally friendly ways to generate electricity is by conversion of sunlight using photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal technologies. Using steel to build the support structures makes it even more sustainable as steel is a durable and 100% recyclable material.


Viking Renewable supports the move to clean energy generation by offering high-performance steels and structural solutions for PV and solar thermal installations. We also offer tailor-made services such as co-engineering and full project handling.


Our systems have been developed in partnership with Maywon PV Co. Ltd, one high-tech enterprise with leading technology in the fields of solar PV industry by providing reliable and efficient solutions for renewable energy plan. Maywon PV Co., Ltd has been specialized in producing solar mounting structures for over 10 years, supported by advanced and complete machining line capable of melting, casting, extruding, anodizing, electrical-coating and spraying treatment.


Structures for ground-mounted systems

The structures supporting solar installations must sustain climatic loads such as snow or wind, while their coating needs to resist corrosion for decades. Different steel grades with high mechanical properties are available to ensure the excellent performance of the support structure.

We can advise you on the selection of the steel grade which is most appropriate to the design of your structure.

Each project takes into account:

  • The type of structure required (single- or dual-pole)
  • Climatic and geological conditions
  • Eurocodes’ static and dynamic calculations