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In a grid tie system there are no batteries and all the solar energy generated is fed to the loads directly. The solar PV system is synchronized with the grid to maximise the use of renewable energy while catering to the connected load in the facility. In the event of a drop in production of solar energy the loads automatically source the remaining energy required, from the Utility/ DG supply without any interruption. In the event of a power failure the solar PV system will continue to work in sync with the DG thus providing uninterrupted power supply to the load connected. A grid tie system does not provide backup power during a power outage but reduces the EB and DG consumption by maximising the use of solar energy.
A grid connected/ grid tie system works very well when the majority of the operation for a given facility is during the day and the facility is energy intensive with backup available for power outages.


Battery based systems store the solar energy generated during the day, in batteries, for later usage. An intelligent inverter blends solar power generated with the grid power to supply the loads. Solar power is always preferred over grid power thereby reducing the overall grid usage. In the event of a power failure, solar power (via the battery bank) takes over completely.
Such systems can essentially be either a simple backup system for power cuts or a completely off the grid system where all your energy needs are met by solar power.



Module mounting structures for Solar PV systems are designed to maximise the generation with its optimal tilt while also ensuring that they are capable of withstanding prevalent weather conditions.
Other than these, VIKING STEEL offers customised mounting structures for its installation with a complete study on load bearing capacity of the building while also considering the aesthetics and functional aspects of access to roof area.
For eg. in facilities where the flat roof area is covered with chillers and other HVAC related equipment, our structural offerings can allow for the mounting structures to be raised in order to facilitate the access to the rooftop space while also being able to use the area for PV installation.
Our customised offer for mounting structures include:


  • Grout less and grouted structures
  • Special structures for industrial rooftops, sloped roof etc
  • Light weight and rust proof structures
  • Robust structures to withstand high wind speeds
  • Parking canopy structures (Car parks as mounts for Solar PV systems)