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Commercial rooftop
Development, procurement, planning and realisation of PV Power Plants.


Viking Renewable is an engineering, procurement and construction company specialising in the design, construction and commissioning of large-scale photovoltaic power plants

Mapei 250 kW
Self consumption for residential and commercial properties!


PV self consumption pays off for everybody, from private households to big or small and medium sized businesses. 


With every kilowatt of solar power you consume, your electricity costs will sink and you will be more independent from increases in the electricity price.

Chelveston 56 MW
Project Development, EPC and Operation & Maintenance
Throughout the construction phase, engineers, project managers, and construction crews work in close coordination with our clients to achieve a plant, which meets operational, financial, and time-frame ...

Viking Renewable UK is a multi-disciplinary, Solar Photovoltaic EPC Contractor and Solar Energy Projects Developer providing turnkey energy solutions to a wide range of clients, investors, and associates across Europe. Middle East, Africa and soon in LATAM. Viking Renewable UK is capable to execute EPC or sub-contracting works for any type of PV projects. Drawing upon the experience and know-how of an innovative engineering team, Viking Renewable have pioneered ground-breaking technology in the areas of PV mounting, panel cooling, and revolving roof-top systems for solar-powered houses. Viking Renewable is active in all phases of the project implementation – from the provision of land, grid connection, planning documents and approval, through financing, construction work, commissioning, operation and maintenance of PV installations.


VIKING RENEWABLE has extensive modeling capabilities to evaluate expected system energy production and project economics for a wide variety of situations.



Viking Renewable Group of British origin, is composed of a group of companies of various nationalities engaged in Energy.


The Group has a presence Viking active in Spain, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Denmark, Bulgary, Middle East and is working on its implementation in USA, Africa, Mexico and Chile.


Recently we created our filial in Middle East in  Abu Dhabi, Arabia Saudi, Kuwait and in African continent in Ghana . 


EUROPE                      OTHERS COUNTRIES

United Kingdom                           GHANA

SPAIN                                          NIGERIA

BULGARIA                                   DUBAI

FRANCE                                     KUWAIT

DENMARK                                   ZAMBIA

ROMANIA                                   MEXICO

     GERMANY                                 CHILE         

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                                                  We plan and implement                                                            SOLAR PROJECTS AS GENERAL CONTRACTOR OR AS PER PACKAGE

VIKING RENEWABLE is an engineering, procurement and construction company specializing in the design, construction and commisioning of both residencial or commercial rooftops PV installations and large-scale photvoltaic power plants.


Our resources include a team of over twenty engineers, designers, and technicians with combined experience in renewable energy market. Our staff includes licensed professional electrical, mechanical engineers, health&safety staff, electricians, surveyor, project managers, site managers, etc.

In addition, we are equipped with specialized own equipment to perform the works.



  • Conceptual Design
  • Basic Engineering
  • Detailed Design
  • Design and Build
  • As-build drawings and data collection (tests report, etc)


Project Management

  • Project and Site management
  • Planning and Resource Management
  • Health, Safety and Environmental
  • Security monitoring (guards access control) 
  • Establishement of the Prevention Plan
  • Monitoring of deliveries on site
  • Compound area facilities
  • Waste management
  • Manpower
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Control of quality of the works execution on site




  • Compliance with the requirements of the law
  • Following manufacturer's recommendations
  • Following best practice




  • End to End Procurement
  • On Time Delivery and Logistics Support
  • Module supply
  • Inverter and Transformer Station
  • Metallic structure supply
  • DC & AC supply
  • MV/HV transfomer supply
  • Measruing supply: weather station, radiation sensors, etc
  • CCTV supply
  • Fence & Gates supply



  • Roads
  • Access trackes, internal tracks
  • Earthworks
  • Drainage
  • Foundations works
  • Buildings works
  • DC and HV trenching
  • Inverter station unloading
  • Fencing and gates



Mechanical works

  • Topographical works
  • Foundations (predrilling, pile raming or screwing, concreting)
  • Install of mounting frame
  • Installation of PV modules
  • Scanning PV modules
  • Cleaning


Electrical works

  • Install DC/AC/HV cables
  • Install of string boxes
  • Install earthing cable (perimeter, HV, table bonding etc)
  • Install control boxes
  • Security system, including CCTV and Scada





  • Mass ground earth testing
  • Works completion certificate
  • Production of all commissioning certifications
  • Security monitoring
  • Execution of performance tests




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